Ramlila Mohatsav 2017

The Ramayana !

An everlasting saga from hindu religious epic

Ramlila, India's most famous theatrical experience is the the enactment of a journey done by Lord Rama. Shown in a series of plays, Ramlila engulfs the story of Lord Rama showcasing the principles and values of righteousness that he possessed and covers his battle and victory over Ravana(The Demon King) and Lord Rama’s return to his kingdom. The saga put forwards the message of goodness overcoming evil and living a life of truthfulness. The complete life story of Rama is covered in ten days and the 10th day is celebrated as Dussehra (Vijaya Dashami) - the day of victory when Rama defeats Ravana. Ramlila Mahotsav ends with "Bharat Milap" on the 11th day when Lord Rama return back to his kingdom. The glorious Ravan Dahan during this Ramlila Mahotsav is attended by over 10 lac people from near and far to witness the ten headed demon going up in flames and marking as triumph of good over evil. Filled with various performances and events The Ramlila Mohatsav is engaging enough to make everyone’s eyes glued to the stage. The Mohatsav also provides miscellaneous and much needed, organized facilities like onsite doctors, kids play area and food stalls. Despite the heavy footfall of audience and people every year, Shri Keshav Ramlila Committee elegantly manages the entire program and makes sure that experience remains as smooth as possible for their visitors. Rest be assured, this is one ramlila you wouldn’t want to miss!

Ramlila Schedule

21 Sept 2017 - Ganesh Vandana, Shankar-Parvati Samvaad

22 Sept 2017 - Naarad Moh Bhang,  Raavan-Vedvati Samvaad

23 Sept 2017 - Ram Janm, Vishvamitr Tapp Bhang, Taadka-Subaahu Vadh

24 Sept 2017 - Sita Swayamvar, Lakshman Parshuram Samvaad

25 Sept 2017 - Kekai-Manthra Samvaad, Dashrath-Kekai Samvaad , Ram Vanvaas, Ram-Kevat Samvaad, Chitrkut Bharat Milaap

26 Sept 2017 - Srupnakah Naasika Bhang, Sita Haran, Ram Vilaap, Ram-Shabri Milan

27 Sept 2017 - Ram Sugriv Mitrata, Ashok Vatika prasang, Hanuman-Raavan Samvaad, Lanka Dehan

28 Sept 2017 - Hanuman Vapsi, Vibhishan Sharanagti, Raavan Angad Samvaad, Lakshman Murccha

29 Sept 2017 - Kumbhkaran Vadh, Meghnath Vadh, Sulochana Vilap, Ahiraavan Vadh

30 Sept 2017 - Shankar Puja, Ram-Raavan Yudh, Dushehra Mahotsav

01 Oct 2017 -  Bharat Milaap, Ram Rajyaabhishek

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Various stalls and shops for shopping at cost effective prices.

Medical Facility

Onsite medical supervisors are always available to make handle any sort of medical emergencies.

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The Entry to Ramlila is entirely free. So tickets, No tickets.

Entertainment and Learning

Its a interactive learning experience filled with entertainment fun and all filled with learning.

Food Stalls

Various food stalls to get your tastebuds also some rejoice.

Talent Hunt Shows

Witness various talented individuals and group on the 10 day event of talent hunt show.


Your favorite and Delhi’s well known BTW is here to serve you with Lip smacking food and dishes.

Kids Zone

Fun zone and play area for kids.

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Various entertainment programs

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21 Years
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Shri Keshav Ramlila Committee (Estd.1996) is one of the oldest committees in Delhi known for its finest participation in Ramlila Mahotsav at DDA Ground NSP Pitampura, Delhi since its inception. The Committee comes under is governed by the office bearers, elected out of notables, Social Workers, prominent citizens, businessmen and other eminent personalities. With the mission to spread knowledge and awareness of culture and values of Maryada Purshotam Shri Ram, Shri Keshav Ramlila Committee presents beautiful and graceful staging (Manchhan) during Ramlila Mahotsav every year. Headed by the committee president Ashok Goel (BJP Spokesperson, Delhi) the committee has more than 20 member in its organizing team and has volunteer strength of over 500 people. The committee excels in providing best ramlila experience too lakhs of families every year keeping in place the right setup and security.

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